Core Facilities

Resources for Bioimaging

Bioimaging Facility - Kimmel Cancer Center, TJU

Center for Translational Medicine - TJU

Small Animal Imaging - Kimmel Cancer Center, TJU

BioImaging Center - Delaware Biotechnology Institute

Center for Translational Cancer Research


Resources for Sequencing & Genomics

Cancer Genomics Shared Resource - Kimmel Cancer Center, TJU

DNA Sequencing & Genotyping Center - UD

Biomolecular Core Laboratory - Nemours


Background & Resources for Proteomics

Proteomics & Mass Spectrometry - Delaware Biotechnology Institute

Protein Production - Delaware Biotechnology Institute

Mass Spectroscopy - UD

Cell Science Core - Nemours


Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry – Kimmel Cancer Center, TJU

Cell Science Core – Nemours


Resources for Structural Biology & Crystallography

X-Ray Crystallography Facility - UD

X-Ray Crystollography & Molecular Characterization Facility – Kimmel Cancer Center, TJU


Bioinformatics & Biostatistics

Informatics – Kimmel Cancer Center, TJU

Biostatistics – Kimmel Cancer Center, TJU

Center for Bioinformatics & Computational Biology - UD

Christiana Center for Outcomes Research – CCHS

Bioinformatics Core Facility – Nemours


Tissue Procurement & Histology

Translational Research – Kimmel Cancer Center, TJU

Histotechnology – Nemours


Resources for Rehabilitation Sciences

Physical Therapy Laboratories – UD


Animal Facilities

Animal Care and Use Program and Facilities, TJU

Laboratory Animals – Kimmel Cancer Center, TJU

Office of Laboratory Medicine – Frank Warren, UD


Resources for Clinical Research Management

Clinical Research Management Office – Kimmel Cancer Center, TJU

Center for Pharmacogenomics and Translational Research – Nemours