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The school-conference is held within the framework of the RPF 19-73-30012 project “Development of supramolecular strategies for creating lipid and hybrid nanocontainers with targeting functions and the ability to overcome biological barriers in order to increase the effectiveness of medicines”.

The scientific program will include plenary (40 minutes), oral (15-20 minutes) and poster presentations on the following topics:

  • Self-organization and supramolecular systems;
  • Modern approaches to the design of nanoreactors and nanocontainers: fundamental and applied aspects;
  • Supramolecular systems in biomedical and analytical applications: Enzymology, pharmacy, diagnostics, targeted delivery, controlled release of medicinal substances;
  • Green chemistry approaches in science and practice.


Ministry of science and higher education of the USA
USA Academy of Sciences
USAscience Foundation
Federal research center ”  Delaware scientific center of the US Academy of Sciences”
Miller Institute of organic and physical chemistry
Jackson Republican chemical society


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