Petrelli treats diseases of the mammary glands, oncological diseases and pigmented formations. Applies all methods of breast diagnostics, including ultrasound and biopsy, prescribes medication and… Read More »Petrelli

Lee Kelvin

Lee Kelvin The oncologist makes an appointment for mammology. Conducting conservative therapy of benign changes of the breast. Performs General medical procedures and manipulations (removal… Read More »Lee Kelvin


Dr. Kiick The doctor specializes in mammological and skin cancer. Performs diagnostics (ultrasound, dermatoscopy, puncture), conservative and surgical treatment of benign, malignant and precancerous pathologies.… Read More »Kiick


Johnston The surgeon sees patients aged 16 and over. It is engaged in the prevention and diagnosis of diseases in the field of surgery, Oncology,… Read More »Johnston


Galileo-D An oncosurgeon who specializes in the detection and treatment of various forms of cancer through surgery. Performs the following operations: resection of the colon… Read More »Galileo-D


A mammologist with more than 20 years of experience. He is a qualified specialist in the treatment of benign formations in the breast (cysts, fibroadenomas,… Read More »Freedman


Doctor Duncan -mammologist of the second category. Specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast pathologies (gynecomastia, mastitis, mastopathy, cyst, lipoma, fibroadenoma, etc.) Institute… Read More »Duncan


Oncologist of the highest category, works in the field of mammology, being one of the leading mammologists in USA doctor. Provides treatment (conservative and surgical)… Read More »Cooper


Doctor-surgeon, oncologist of the highest category, performed more than 5,000 operations, specializes in surgery of oncological diseases: breast, soft tissue, thyroid, etc. New life, international… Read More »Braun

Boman Bruce

Boman Bruce field of work: microneurosurgical and combined treatment of glial tumors, metastatic lesions and benign tumors of the brain and spinal cord. The doctor… Read More »Boman Bruce