Doctor Duncan -mammologist of the second category. Specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast pathologies (gynecomastia, mastitis, mastopathy, cyst, lipoma, fibroadenoma, etc.)
Institute of Clinical Medicine on V. Floyd, 3

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Delaware Institute of the United States Association of folk medicine (1999)
Base of Delaware regional polyclinic, internship, surgery (2001)
Specialty “Oncology” (2002)
TU “Plastic surgery” (nmapo them. Shuika) (2006)
Pats in the specialty “Oncology” (2008)
Specialization in ultrasound diagnostics (2008)
Course “Harmony of hormones” (2011)
Procedures to perform
Advisory reception

Breast ultrasound

Puncture biopsy of the breast

Conservative treatment of breast diseases

Mammological screeningTreat disease
Pain in the breast (Mastodynia)
Mastopathy (fibrocystic disease of the breast)

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