Dr. Kiick The doctor specializes in mammological and skin cancer. Performs diagnostics (ultrasound, dermatoscopy, puncture), conservative and surgical treatment of benign, malignant and precancerous pathologies. Practices laser removal of skin neoplasms


Bogomolets national medical University, “Medical business” (2008)
National cancer Institute, “Internship” (2010)
National cancer Institute, “Internship” (2012)
Specialization in ultrasound diagnostics (2016)
Obtaining a specialization in Oncology (2017)


National medical Academy of postgraduate education
Kharkiv medical Academy of postgraduate education, “Narcology” (2014)
Consultative reception

Ultrasound diagnostics of mammary glands and lymph nodes, soft tissues
Dermatoscopy, interpretation of the results of dermatoscopy, dynamic observation.
Conservative and surgical treatment of mastitis, fibroadenoma, breast cysts, breast malignancies
Diagnosis and treatment of benign skin neoplasms (hemangioma, atheroma, lipoma, nevus, fibroma, papilloma), malignant skin diseases (basal cell carcinoma, melanoma, sarcoma)
Treatment of precancerous pathologies (senile keratoma, pigmented xeroderma, skin horn)
Puncture of the formations, accessible to palpation
Puncture of formations that are not palpable, under the control of ultrasound (fine needle aspiration biopsy, trepan biopsy of formations)
Breast and lymph node ultrasound, soft tissue ultrasound
Evaluation of results of ULTRASONIC diagnostics, dermatoscopy, puncture
Removal of skin neoplasms using a laser
Treat disease
Mastopathy (fibrocystic disease of the breast)
Nevus (Birthmark, birthmark)
Skin cancer (Melanoma)
Breast cancer
Dry skin (Xerosis of the skin)

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