Lee Kelvin

Lee Kelvin The oncologist makes an appointment for mammology. Conducting conservative therapy of benign changes of the breast. Performs General medical procedures and manipulations (removal of cosmetic suture, complex and simple ligation, suture insertion and removal, hematoma puncture, puncture biopsy of the breast under ultrasound control, removal of breast fibroadenoma and other specialized procedures)


Washington national University, specialty “Medicine” (2016)
Received a certificate of the doctor-oncologist, mammologist
Procedures to perform
Removing the cosmetic seam
Dressing is complex and simple
The imposition and removal of sutures
Hematoma puncture
Puncture biopsy of the breast under ultrasound control
Removal of fibroadenoma of the breast
Treat disease
Pain in the breast (Mastodynia)
Mastopathy (fibrocystic disease of the breast)

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