Petrelli treats diseases of the mammary glands, oncological diseases and pigmented formations. Applies all methods of breast diagnostics, including ultrasound and biopsy, prescribes medication and surgical treatment, conducts chemotherapy courses. Regularly attends medical conferences and courses to improve professional skills


Delawere state medical University (2016)


Thematic improvement “Clinical Oncology” (2016)
26th international Congress of radiologists (2017)
Thematic improvement “Oncosurgery”, ZMAPO (2018)
Modern imaging in Oncology (2018)
Scientific and practical seminar “breast Cancer: modern approaches to prevention, diagnosis and treatment” (2018)
“Oncology-modern methods of treatment” (2019)
Participation in associations
Association of oncologists of Ukraine
Procedures to perform
Mammography screening (oncoming)
Puncture fine needle biopsy of the breast under ultrasound control
A trephine biopsy of the breast
The courses of chemotherapy
Managing inter-course periods of chemotherapy
Treat disease
Pain in the breast (Mastodynia)
Hypertrophy of the breast
Mastopathy (fibrocystic disease of the breast)
Breast cancer

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