Dr. Sikes is a leading specialist in endoscopy and minimally invasive operative gynecology. Oncologist, conducts a full range of diagnostic procedures, in particular ultrasound and deals with pregnancy management, including complicated situations

Responsible Secretary of the USA Association of colposcopy and cervical pathology
Author of publications in the media, participant of TV programs
Attends annual scientific conferences abroad
Fluent in Spain and German at B1 level


Donetsk national medical University named after M. Gorky, specialty “Medicine” (2000)
Scientific degree-Candidate of medical Sciences


Courses “Ultrasound diagnostics” on the basis of the Donetsk diagnostic center

Participation in association
European Association of gynaecological endocopy
European Association of gynaecological Oncology
Executive Secretary of the Association of colposcopy of cervical pathology in Delaware
Procedures to perform
Operative gynecology:

remove submikronnykh nodes;
uterine septum resection;
reconstructive intrauterine interventions, polyps, etc.;
preparation for IVF programs.
Operative laparoscopy:

operations on appendages;
conservative myomectomy;
plastic surgery on the perineum.
Outpatient gynecology:

interventions on the cervix;
management of patients with habitual miscarriage;
challenging cases in the diagnosis.
Treat disease
Pain in the breast (Mastodynia)
Endometrial hyperplasia
Cervical dysplasia
Female infertility
Ovarian cyst
Mastopathy (fibrocystic disease of the breast)
Placental presentation
Cervical erosion

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