Rossi  oncosurgeon of the highest category, doctor of medical Sciences. Doctor’s sectionalization-visceral and specialized oncological surgery (liver, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract), abdominal surgery
Onco. Stop, international cancer treatment center

Dissertation on “Bleeding shock” at Heidelberg University, Department of experimental surgery (Prof. Dr. med. Conrad Messmer)
DAAD study scholarship: University of surgery and internal medicine of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio/USA
Certificate of the rescue service expert


Heidelberg University, Germany and the University of Texas at San Antonio, USA (1988)
Harvard University, Boston, USA (1991)
1992-2011 University Of Heidelberg, Germany (2011)
Scientific degree-Doctor of medical Sciences
Participation in association
The German surgical society
Swiss surgical society
European surgical Association
International hepatobiliary Association
Honorary member of surgical societies in Argentina and Serbia
Honorary doctor of the University of Klausenburg, Romania and the University of Tiflis, Georgia
Procedures to perform
Pancreatoduodenal resection by Whipple
Total pancreatoduodenectomy
Distal pancreatic resection (open or laparoscopic)
Resection of the head of the pancreas with the preservation of the duodenum
Transplantation of the pancreas
Necrectomy for pancreatitis
Enucleation of the tumor
The collection of material for biopsy
Duodenal bypass anastomosis in the annular pancreas
Excision of the large duodenal papilla followed by plastic surgery
Pancreatic-small intestine anastomosis
Removal of the duodenum while preserving the head of the pancreas
Closure of colostomy
Ileocecal resection
Laparoscopic ileocecal resection
Resection anastomosis of the colon
Segmental resection of the colon
Right-sided hemicolectomy
Resection of the sigmoid colon
Laparoscopic resection of the sigmoid colon
Surgery for fistula between the sigmoid colon and the bladder
Left-sided hemicolectomy
Subtotal hemicolectomy
Total coloproctectomy with resection of the rectal mucosa and ileoanal reservoir anastomosis
Laparoscopic total coloproctectomy with resection of the rectal mucosa and imposition of ileoanal reservoir anastomosis
Operation Hartmann
Reconstructive surgery on the colon
Laparoscopic appendectomy
Segmental resection of the small intestine
Segmental resection of the duodenum
Plastic strictures
Closure of ileostomy
Small bowel anastomosis
Removal of Meckel’s diverticula
Cutaneous intestinal fistula
Removal of the parathyroid gland
Mini-invasive removal of parathyroid gland
Reimplantation of parathyroid gland
Resection of the thyroid Struma
Thoraco-abdominal-cervical esophageal resection
Minimally invasive thoraco-abdominal-cervical resection of the esophagus
Abdominal-thoracic resection of the esophagus
Minimally invasive abdomino-thoracic resection of the esophagus
Enucleation of leiomyoma (thoracoscopic)
Transhiatal resection of the esophagus
Surgery for rupture, esophageal injury
Cardiomyotomy by Heller
Treat disease
Diverticulum of the stomach
Diverticulum of the esophagus
Esophagus cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Rectal cancer
Cancer of the small intestine
Thyroid cancer

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