Caliber X Reviews: 3 Inches In A Month?

Caliber X Reviews supplement

“Caliber X can increase your sexual organ a lot!” – very this comment is commonly seen under reviews to the mentioned product. But is it actually true? And do men really need bigger sizes to perform better? Let’s find out!

Answering whether the size matters, all the people give different answers. But what we know for sure is that the length of male sexual organ depends on the health condition a lot and may change with the appearance of various sex-related problems. Phallus sizes may influence not only sexual performance, but also male self-esteem and level of confidence. Therefore, it’s quite recommended solving the issue at early stages.

In the vast majority of times, it’s possible to treat erectile dysfunction and influence penis sizes safely. Natural supplements are of a great help in this case. One of the best organic aids and promising products available on the market is Caliber X. In the review, we are going to tale a closer look at the product qualities, admixture, benefits, and other aspects.

What Is The Product We’re Talking About?

Caliber X is a dietetic supplement manufactured from naturally-grown and organic ingredients only.  The product aims at easing the symptoms of sexual debility (loss of sexual drive, premature ejaculation, penis shrinkage, and so on) and increasing the penis size. It is stated, the supplement can increase phallus up to three inches (almost 8 cm) just in one month. The big plus is that no prescription for taking Caliber X is required.

What Effects Does Caliber X Take On The Organism?

As you might have understood, Caliber X enhances male power and influences sexual organ sizes. Below, we have listed some effects one may expect while taking the supplement:

  • instant and more long-lasting erections;
  • easing the symptoms of sexual debility and preventing a great part of sex-related issues;
  • increased length and width of the phallus;
  • boosting of sexual appetite;
  • enhanced sperm count and testicular hormone production.

Main Ingredients

Caliber X is GMO and pesticide-free, and does not include any harmful additives. Its formula is based on herbal ingredients and vitamins mainly. All the herbaceous components are imported from African countries and the Amazonian forest where they are naturally grown and gathered in the crops.

Altogether, there are more than 10 ingredients in the Caliber X formula. In the table below, we have listed the key ones and their characteristics.

Ingredient Name Key Qualities

Tochopherol (Reproduction Vitamin)

Also known as Vitamin E, this ingredient improves the blood circulation, especially in tissues surrounding the penis. It also takes an effect on erections making them longer and harder.

Vitamin B3

Similarly to Vitamin E, this component effects the size of penis. In some cases, phallus may become larger up to four times. What is more, the vitamin prevents premature ejaculation.

Turnera Diffusa Aphrodisiaca

The plant is usually used in treating loss of sexual power. It prevents phallic shrinkage and premature ejaculation. Besides, this component helps to get and maintain an erection.

Liriosma Ovata (Potency Wood)

The key characteristic of this plant is enhancing stamina and energy levels thus providing more long-lasting sexual interacts. It promotes testicular hormone production, the growth of muscle bulk, and nerve signaling in the brain. On top of this, potency wood postpones male menopause.

All the key and additional components are listed on the supplement packaging. Note that ingredient names may be written in Latin or replaced with synonyms.

Is Caliber X Safe And Effectual?

The supplement is absolutely safe to take on a daily basis. Caliber X does not include any genetically modified products, chemicals or harmful additives. What is more, the formula had been tested on almost 1,500 volunteers before being released into production. In all the cases, the Caliber X admixture was effective against ED symptoms and did not cause any side effects.

Precautionary Measures

The measures are the following:

  1. Keep the male power enhancer in a dark, dry place at room temperature.
  2. Keep the supplement away from children’s reach.
  3. Self-medication can be dangerous. Consult with your physician before buying any potency enhancing supplement.
  4. If you are taking other medications, consider their interactions with Caliber X.
  5. Though the formula is absolutely organic and safe, it is better to check whether you have allergies on the main ingredients or not beforehand.
  6. Avoid taking Caliber X if you are under 18 years old.

Caliber X Possible Side Effects

There are no adverse reactions found or reported. There are also no complaints on the supplement itself from the consumers.

How to Use This Male Power Enhancer?

The recommended dosage is two capsules on a daily basis. It is better to take the supplement after meal. The intake doesn’t depend on the time of day; it can be either morning or evening. Take the capsules with a glass of water or nay other beverage you like. One bottle contains 60 capsules; it’s a one-month supply.

The vast majority of the time, customers may feel the results in the first few weeks of the Caliber X intake. Somebody even claims to experience changes in the first few days! For more long-lasting effects, one should use the supplement for a few months at the very least.

Where to Find Caliber X? What’s the Pricing?

Currently, you can purchase Caliber X from the manufacturer’s official page only. The company sells the product at discounted prices. Besides, there is a full refund guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the effects, you can claim a money-back within 2 months (60 days) upon the delivery date.

One bottle of the Caliber X supplement goes for 69 dollars. Also, you may buy three bottles for 59 dollars each, and six bottles for 49 dollars each. Buying a one-month supply, you’re supposed to pay minimum delivery fee. For two other packaging options, shipping is for free.

Consumers’ Feedback On The Product

To be honest, I didn’t believe your website at first. All this flashing and popping out aids… It seemed like a scam. But I thought it couldn’t be worse, so I gave your product a try. Well, it works. I’m really surprised. It’s not like I’ve got really big, but I’ve solved problems of premature ejaculations and constant fatigue. I’m pretty sure the width of my penis has got larger. So, I’ll use the supplement for a few more months. – Markus Davey, 55, Lubbock, Texas.


4 out of 5. I took 1 point away due to the delayed delivery. As for the rest, everything is fine. – Brandan Heaton, 59, Chula Vista, California.


Hey there! I just want to say, Caliber X is one of the best supplements I’ve ever tried. I was diagnosed with impotency a few years ago. I came through massages, different medications, and other procedures, but they either were too expensive or caused side effects in me. At long last, I preferred this natural supplement. My sexual appetite has increased, and sex in general lasts longer. – Julian Glenn, 61, San Bernardino, California.


Thanks to the manufacturer! Great product! – Donovan Russo, 62, Plano, Texas.


I’ve got 2 inches in the length! I cannot believe it’s actually happened. My initial idea was to treat premature ejaculation. I didn’t think Caliber X would actually increase my penis. Though it’s not 3 inches like in the advertisement, I’m still satisfied with the results. – Adam Dennis, 45, Columbus, Ohio.


When I asked my doctor about natural male power enhancers, he suggested Caliber X to me. I just wanted to boost my endurance. And I’ve got what I wanted. The supplement is effective (at least, in my case). – Finnley O’Sullivan, 39, North Hempstead, New York.


I bought Caliber X to my husband a few months ago. He’s lost sexual drive and couldn’t get an erection even when he wanted to. So, I found this supplement after a long research. He’s been using it for 5 weeks, I guess. Now, we spend our free time with pleasure more frequently. Thanks to the manufacturer! – Lillian Blake, 46, Tucson, Arizona.


I like the formula the most. I’m quite an allergic person, and most supplements don’t suit me. But Caliber X worked for me perfectly. – Franklin Beaumont, 44, Jersey City, New Jersey.

Final Thoughts

We are pretty sure whatever sexual issue you have, Caliber X will help you. It’s tested and proved to be safe, and actually effective. Based on the information above, we have made a list of benefits and drawbacks of the supplement.

PROS Caliber X

The product aims at easing the symptoms of sexual debility (loss of sexual drive, premature ejaculation, penis shrinkage, and so on) and increasing the penis size.

It promotes testicular hormone production, the growth of muscle bulk, and nerve signaling in the brain.

  • Caliber X boosts stamina and energy levels.
  • The supplement postpones male menopause.
  • Caliber X is a fully natural dietetic aid.
  • No adverse reactions are reported. The male power enhancer is completely safe to take on a daily basis.
  • No prescription for taking the supplement is required.
  • The manufacturer offers a 60-day full refund guarantee.

CONS Caliber X

  • Caliber X is available on the production company website only.

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